About Us

About Us

Purpose Youth Foundation has been established for the charitable and educational purposes of developing and running structured programs that will provide community and outreach services to teenage adolescent girls. This organization focuses on providing young girls with life skills, positive self-esteem, social skills, and travel opportunities which emphasizes the individual becoming a whole person. 

Many young girls have been exposed to traumatic experiences, causing them to be more susceptible to dangerous situations. As a result, many young girls experience low self-esteem, becoming teenage mothers, dropping out of high school, usage of drugs and alcohol, or becoming involved with the criminal justice system. As an organization, we feel that providing preventative and educational programs for adolescent girls from 9-19 years of age, we will help steer young girls in a different direction and will shape them into the confident, smart, independent, and competent young women they are meant to be.

About Our Founder

Purpose Youth Foundation

Lorie James


Our founder, Lorie James shares a similar experience with the adolescent girls with whom she serves. Lorie experienced turbulent teenage years, but fought to overcome obstacles that would have stopped many others. She went on to earn a Master’s degree in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Peace Building from California State University, Dominguez Hills. As the driving force of Purpose Youth Foundation her goal is to empower youth-aged girls through mentoring, while teaching etiquette, education, and exposure to the world through life events and travel. 

Lorie is a travel agent and world traveler who realizes that travel is one of the best learning experiences. She strives to expose adolescents to these learning experiences so that their enthusiasm for service will be sparked when they realize that there are people less fortunate than them.

Lorie is also a certified mediator and has mediated cases between at-risk youth who were in severe conflict with their families or with the criminal justice system. She was able to bring these youth to a peaceful resolution with their families or victims and help to positively turn their lives around. She has also volunteered with many community organizations, and believes volunteerism is a vital component of community service.

As a retired human resources manager who worked for the County of Los Angeles for 26 years, Lorie is skilled at managing people and bringing out the best in them.

Lorie is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She has three adult daughters, and six adolescent grandchildren. She realizes that the adolescent years can be the most difficult years in someone’s life. Her own life experiences and her love for her children, grandchildren, and adolescents in general, drive her enthusiasm to help propel youth to become successful in life.

Purpose Youth Foundation

 Jackii Lawrence

   Vice President

Purpose Youth Foundation

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    Kebra Givens

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